Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Other Hoopers!

I think the biggest things missing in my hoop repetoire is ... well, other hoopers! My move from my home state to my current residence is still somewhat fresh, and I am just now getting on my feet with the whole house and job thing. I've made friends - but, it still feels like something is missing without more hoopers readily available.

The problem with classes offered in the area is that 1) they are scarce, and 2) I teach one of the few options! It's GREAT to see new people discover the wonderous-ness of the hoop, but its difficult to connect fully when they are just starting and I am more experienced. I remember when I was first learning everything, it was difficult to be around better hoopers for a full out jam session. On the one hand, it was fantastic to learn from their moves, but it got a bit frustrating to stand there waist hooping while they are flipping the hoop on and off, up and down and all over the place. And at a hoop jam, it's nice to be able to just get lost in the flow without having to break things down for curious students. Do I love teaching? ABSOLUTELY! I just think it can get boring on both ends to be in such different places for a non-class environment.

Balance is needed.

I am always looking for greater and greater hoop opportunites. I am heading to a festival this weekend, hoops - of course - in tow. Who knows what I shall discover there? Perhaps a hoop colleague is in the midst :)

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