Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doing it all!

No matter the ups and downs my trusty hoops have been there for me! A lasting passion through every storm. It's so important to have a passion in life, that way, no matter what is thrown at you there is a place where solace can be found.

For me, it's always inside the hoop. It's amazing when something really seems to stick. Everyone has phases - a show they can't miss, a song on repeat 50 times a day, a dish they crave... but they usually fade in and out. With hooping it's different. I have been trying to pinpoint why it brings growing numbers so much joy. Maybe it's because you can lose yourself. Maybe because you feel connected to something, though I can't place my finger on what exactly that is -

Or maybe that something is yourself. Passions, hobbies, adventures - they all include variables apart from you. Money (of course), but also they so often include things others made or did that you are now taking part in. The movie was made by others, the song, the dish - so often fun is had by doing things that make you feel connected to others. Which, is wonderful - and, can certainly be true of a big group hoop jam. But, with hooping all you really need to get that peaceful yet exhilarated glow is you. You and your hoop create something singular each time.

It's a peaceful place.

The body, the mind, and the hoop.

I'm so glad that this one stuck