Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In a Funk

Sometimes, no matter what is happening in my life - I will wake up in a funk.

One thing that seems to be true for these times, however, is that I haven't hooped in a few days. Usually 4 is the right spot to create the gloom. There are a lot of changes taking place right now; I have to move (again), tonight is my last hoop class of the summer session, and I have been sick on-and-off for about 2 weeks. Not to mention, that with my day job and hooping gigs I am working about a 55 hour week.

Now, all of this is not to complain. I am VERY excited to move! Loved teaching my hoop class! and being able to pursue my passions in my free time is amazing! (okay, the sick thing just all around sucks....) but I think I am lacking consistency in my life. Being a creature of habit, not having things I can count on week to week really throws me off.

I'd love to have a hoop group in the area where it wasn't about teaching professionally - it was just about experiencing the hoop with other people who were similarly impassioned by hoop dance.


.... all this talk of hooping has made me want to put on some tunes and spin my worries away. I'll let you know how it goes ;P

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