Sunday, August 9, 2009

Letting Things Go & New Connections

Becoming "a hooper" has changed my whole identity - or, rather, completed it.

Sure, I had a decent idea of who I was before the hoop - but it was a work in progress at best. Describing myself awyas consisted of those horribly bland adjectives that everyone uses - "smart, funny..." and of course under hobbies, the ubiquitous, "likes to read." Ugh.

Man! I wanted an exciting hobby. Windsurfing. Mountain Climbing. Cave Diving. But, those things took a LOT of time, money, training... and ...well, did I say money?

Then of course, I found the hoop. For relatively cheap I had something intriguing to say about myself. This lead to a personality shift - or, really, discovery. Suddenly, I was outgoing, adventurous, garrulous, free-spirited, open-minded ... more and more! I became a teacher. I met new people everywhere I went. And the best part was, having this new passion did not feel foreign - it brought out the person I always felt I was.


I could finally let a LOT of stuff [finally, finally, finally] GO.

Bad relationships were in the past, and I could finally KEEP them there. I didn't spend time thinking about what this person or that person were doing now. Pfft - why dwell, when I can go hoop?

My Body was MY body - my one and only body I would ever have - it allowed me to embrace this new art - so I may as well stop hating it so much.

Hooping pushed me out of the stagnant "smart, funny... like to read" rut I had been in, for longer than I had realized. Or, rather, me becoming a hooper, helped me to become so much more!


  1. Hooping is such a transformative hobby. It gives all our other selves (the funny girl, the book worm, ect) a circling, sacred space to dance.

  2. Hooping helped me to define myself:)

    Awesome post