Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Joy of Teaching

One of the biggest suprises to me in my hooping journey, was what a true pleasure it is to teach hooping to others.

I knew that if I introduced the hoop to people that surely some would fall in love, as I had, and that most would at least find fun in the silliness of it all - but the actual act of explaining everything? I had no idea that it was half the fun!

Seeing the pride on student's faces as they progress from step-by-step understanding to flowing through moves and then explaining things to others is so rewarding. I am stunned by what a difference it can make in people's lives.

People just OPEN themselves once they feel the hoop.

One of my students had a severe back pain problem, caused from a childhood injury, which limited her mobility. As she tried hooping, however, it became clear that much of the issue was a mental and NOT a physical block. She stayed after one day to tell me how good it felt to move her body after years of letting fear stop her. Hooping not only improved her physical functioning, but her entire mental conceptualization of herself! It was a beautiful and unexpected transformation.

Hooping in and of itself has taught me so much, but now I can not wait for my next round of students, and all that they will teach ME.

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