Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Healing Hoop

... Tissues, Coffee...

and hoops.

That's been my existence these past few days. I have succumb to the cold and flu season early on, despite my best, Purell laden, intentions...

Now, here's the thing. Even with my sore throat, runny nose, achy EVERYTHING... I still couldn't resist my hoop. I would look at it and think... "now, come on - you know that's not a good plan. You are already dizzy. Just lay and rest. Rest! No... no don't do it... "

but - alas - before I knew it I had picked up my sparkly little hoop, headed out back and spun my heart out.

And. It felt AMAZING.

Seriously, when I was hooping I was thinking - man! this is great! I feel wondrful! Maybe I am not sick afterall. But then I'd stop... grab some tissues, the pressure in my sinuses and head would swell again and, as my ears started throbbing, I would get undeniable confirmation that yes, yes... I was definitely sick.

But, I continued to hoop all weekend.

I certainly couldn't go as long as I normally can and I wasn't quite as coordinated as usual (though that's hard to tell with ol' klutzy mcgee over here...) - but it really just felt GREAT!

Whether or not hooping when you are ill is something a doctor would prescribe is a mystery. All I know is that it felt good! Small spurts of intense energy to get the heart, body and laughter pumping when you are cooped up in a sick den all weekend -

I'll take it!

The funny thing is - when I tried to do some regular activity - even just a walk up the street to buy cold medicine - it felt horrible. I guess there really was more to hooping's healing powers than just getting the body going.

I guess doing something you love can always make you feel better.

Now I know... hooping can cure it all - from saddness to sniffles.