Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello, Hoop

Hello, Hoop.

I love my hoop. I love using it, sharing it, dancing with it and learning from it.

Almost 2 years ago, I picked up a bright & shiny, big & heavy hula hoop with my only intention being a quick and hilarious revival of my 3rd grade glory.

Instead, I was captured. The bump, bump, bump as it spun fluidly around my waist was intoxicating. Suddenly, the 50 zillion things I just HAD to get done didn't matter. How silly I looked, - nope -didn't matter. Was I an instant hoop queen? Absolutely not. But, I knew I needed a hoop.

Since that time, my life has changed drastically, mostly due to my hoop. Well, I should say hooping, as I at this point have 14 hoops (and counting...)
I went from a gal who was a body obsessed, anxiety ridden, and a social phobe - I mean I was mortified to sing karaoke in front of my friends (no matter how much alcohol was involved) to someone who danced in a tank top and short shorts in front of complete strangers.

All because of a simple shiny piece of plastic.

Hooping gave me the confidence to move to a new city, get a new job, and - of course - pursue hooping professionally. I now teach classes, do paid performances and gigs, am happy to meet new people and generally a happy hooper.

This little slice of the internet is where I am going to reflect how hooping has changed and continues to change and teach me. I want to document my journey from moonlighting as a hooper to taking that aspect to center stage (which, yes, is a long way from here.)

It seems that people rediscover an aspect of themselves that was long in hiding when they pick up a hoop. I certainly did.

So, hello hoop. thank-you hoop.

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